This year marks the beginning of high school for our oldest child.  He is looking forward to taking driver’s education.  It promises to be a busy and exciting year.  The kids will continue with music – instruments played currently include piano, violin, viola, flute, guitar, and drums.  We will consider participating in swimming and PE at the YMCA again this year.

There will be more individualized work and less work as a group this year.  The academic plan includes:



Math Math-U-See
Science Biology – Apologia
Physical Science – Apologia
General Science – Apologia
History of Science – Beautiful Feet
Language Reading Bob Books, easy readers,
books related to history studies
SL Core 200 literature
Spelling Sequential Spelling
Spelling Power
The ABC’s and All Their Tricks
Writing Shurley English
A Reason for Writing
Foreign Lang Visual Link Spanish
Social Studies Bible Greenleaf’s Old Testament History
Adventuring Through the Bible
History US History – Sonlight
History of Eastern Hemisphere – Sonlight
Church History – Sonlight
Health/PE Health
Electives Cannon Press’ Introductory Logic
Driver’s Ed
Art How to Teach Art to Children
How to Use Child-Size Masterpieces for Art Appreciation
Music Private Lessons



* * *


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