The plan for 2007-08 was to not be as busy as the previous year!  All the activities in the past few years have been fun, but we needed to be home more often.  We did schoolwork in the mornings (sometimes extending until after lunch), and took time to relax and play in the afternoons.  Our routine week was much more relaxed than the prior year:

Tuesday music lessons
Wednesday Royal Rangers/Noble Hearts in evening
Thursday nursing home visitation
music lessons




Math Math-U-See
Science/Health Lyrical Life Science vol 3 – Human Body
Language Reading  Veritas Press’ 3rd grade reading
Sonlight’s Eastern Hemisphere
Spelling Sequential Spelling
Writing Shurley English
Foreign Language Visual Link Spanish
Social Studies Bible Old Testament History
Rinehart’s Starting Strong
History World War II
Art/Occupational Education Cake Decorating
Music Private Lessons

Our original plan also included drawing, plus logic and web design for the older kids.  Those subjects have been postponed, and we instead had our health/science curriculum enriched as we had the opportunity to learn about rheumatologists, endocrinologists, physical therapists, pharmacists, medical technologists, x-rays, ultrasounds, what the components of a lab report mean, and oh, so much more that we had not planned on learning!  Part of the beauty of homeschooling is the ability to be flexible, for which we were very grateful.



* * *


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