Grandparents of Homeschoolers

Some grandparents react very favorably when they learn that kids will be homeschooled.  Some of them even offer to help – maybe taking the kids once a week for art, or paying for music lessons.

Other grandparents do not react as favorably.  If you are educating your kids differently than they educated you, they might take it as a personal attack, as if you are criticizing the way they raised you.  Make the issue your children’s education, not a reflection on the grandparent’s prior parenting skills.

Remember that most grandparents want what is best for their grandkids.  Most will be very supportive when they know that you have researched the law, you know the curriculum options available, and you will be doing your best to provide a superior education for your kids.  Do your best to respond to legitimate concerns, after all, grandparents have raised children and they do know things that you might not have experienced yet.

I know of one grandmother whose objection to homeschooling was that the kids wouldn’t have class pictures, and another whose chief concern was that the granddaughter would miss her senior prom.  Photos can be obtained through sources other than a school, and not even everyone who attends school goes to the prom.  Insist that the issue be your child’s education, not extraneous issues.

Unfortunately, some grandparents never come around.  Pray for the grandparents and persevere in giving your children the best education possible.  Do your best so that when your kids are grown, they thank you for raising them well.


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