Sample Goals: Math

Continuing the series on academic goals…


  • demonstrate the ability to count to 300 by ones, to 100 by twos, fives, and tens; to 2000 by hundreds
  • memorize basic addition facts to 20+20, as well as their corresponding subtraction facts
  • memorize basic multiplication facts (and corresponding division facts) to 12×12
  • memorize perfect squares to 202
  • demonstrate knowledge of place value and apply basic addition facts to solving multi-digit equations
  • demonstrate an understanding of fractions, decimals, and percentages
  • apply appropriate arithmetic functions in determining area and volume
  • be able to read a table to obtain information (i.e. bus or television schedule)
  • given raw data, produce charts, graphs, and tables to illustrate that information; produce these charts/graphs/tables in more than one format to illustrate that the manner in which information is presented can be misleading
  • given charts/graphs/tables, analyze the data to determine an accurate understanding of the information contained

Study and be able to apply the fields of algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, and statistics.  If desired, the fields of differential equations, number theory, and linear algebra will also be studied.  Specific goals for these subjects will not be written – success will be measured as completing the chosen math texts with 90% or higher scores (at the time of this goal-writing, the oldest child was five years old) 

Probability & Statistics
Specific goals for the study of probability and statistics will be written when studied.


  • know the names of the common logical fallacies
  • be able to construct a logically valid argument
  • be able to analyze the reasoning of others to determine whether arguments being presented are valid or fallacious

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