Sample Goals: History, Social Studies, Geography

Continuing the series on sample academic goals…


  • know about major civilizations in history, and know key people and events pertinent to those civilizations (world history)
  • in a discussion of any major historical event or figure, be able to carry on an informed, intelligent conversation
  • study the history of the United States
  • study the history of Washington State
  • apply lessons learned from history to current events
  • apply Scripture to historical events and people to understand God’s view of, and involvement in, history

Social Studies

learn the rights and responsibilities of a citizen

U.S. Constitution

  • memorize the preamble to the U.S. Constitution
  • know the Bill of Rights
  • know the titles of all amendments to the U.S. Constitution

State Constitution
study the state constitution


  • learn about the people who live and have lived in different cultures throughout the world; be able to identify the languages spoken, major religions, and monetary system of all cultures studied; also be able to discuss the impact of missions on those cultures
  • adopt a missionary, learn about the culture in which that missionary is working, support that missionary in prayer, and otherwise as God leads
  • given a listing of the major Native American Indian tribes, identify the part of the country in which the tribes traditionally lived; intelligently discuss the practices of those tribes


  •  memorize all the U.S. states and capitals
  • given a blank map of the world, identify all continents and oceans
  • given a blank map of any continent, identify all countries, mountain ranges, and major bodies of water
  • given a blank map of the United States and Canada, identify all states/territories, capitals, mountain ranges, and major bodies of water
  • given a blank map of Washington, identify all counties, county seats, mountain ranges, major mountains and bodies of water, and main cities
  • learn how to read a map.  Give clear directions in assisting people who wish to find a designated location
  • given a blank piece of paper, sketch longitude and latitude lines, then produce an accurate map of any region of the world

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