Sample Goals: Language, Reading, Spelling, Writing

Language Arts

  • speak, read, and write the prestige dialect of American English
  • learn the basic parts of speech and other rules of English grammar
  • given a list of words, alphabetize them
  • given polysyllabic words, syllabify them
  • when information is needed, select an appropriate reference book and use it (Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, Atlas, phone book)
  • know how to use a library
  • know common abbreviations
  • know the meanings of common English prefixes and suffixes
  • know the general outline of a well-constructed speech and apply this knowledge by writing and making speeches


  • enjoy reading
  • read fluently (testing at or above age level in elementary grades; at college-level thereafter)
  • know the basic structure of a book (title page, table of contents, chapters, glossary, appendices, index)


  • select the appropriate word and spell it correctly when a homonym is used
  • accurately spell the 1000 most commonly used words in the English language
  • accurately spell all words they write
  • accurately spell the books of the Bible
  • accurately spell the elements of the periodic table
  • accurately spell the science and technical vocabulary encountered their studies
  • accurately spell the names of the countries, oceans, and mountains of the world
  • accurately spell our country’s states and capitols
  • accurately spell the names of great composers and artists


  • have legible penmanship – both manuscript and cursive
  • demonstrate the ability to legibly write dictated material (sentences, paragraphs, or lists)
  • construct well-organized essays
  • research papers

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