Sample Syllabus


Course Description:  An introduction to geology covering the earth’s crust; plate tectonics; folding, faulting, and intrusion; earthquakes; volcanoes; minerals; igneous rock; sedimentary rock; metamorphic rock; weathering of rocks; hydrology and erosion; groundwater; mass movement; glaciers; wind erosion; soil; and geologic dating.

Credits:  1


  •             The Geology Book, by Dr. John D. Morris
  •             Lyrical Earth Science, Volume 1: Geology  Textbook
  •             Lyrical Earth Science, Volume 1: Geology Workbook
  •             Lyrical Earth Science, Volume 1: CD
  Unit Assignment
  Intro to Geology The Geology Book p4-5:  Introduction
    Learn into to geology song
    Lyrical Earth Science p7-11
    LES Workbook p4-5
    The Geology Book p6-9:  Planet Earth
  Plate Tectonics Learn Plate Tectonics song
    Lyrical Earth Science, p13-17
    LES Workbook p6-7
    The Geology Book p47-48: Were the Continents Once Connected?
  Folding, Faulting, and Intrusion The Geology Book p24-25: Mountains
    Learn Folding, Faulting, and Intrusion song
    Lyrical Earth Science, p19-23
    LES Workbook p8-10
    The Geology Book p26-27: Erosional Features
  Earthquakes Learn Earthquakes song
    Lyrical Earth Science, p25-27
    LES Workbook p11-12
    The Geology Book p44-46: The Deformation of Rocks
  Volcanoes The Geology Book p42-43: Volcanism
    Learn Volcanoes song
    Lyrical Earth Science, p29-35
    LES Workbook p13-15
  Rocks The Geology Book p10-19: The Ground We Stand Upon
  Minerals Learn Minerals song
    Lyrical Earth Science, p37-41
    LES Workbook p16-17
  Igneous Rock Learn Igneous Rock song
    Lyrical Earth Science, p43-45
    LES Workbook, p18-19
  Sedimentary Rock Learn Sedimentary Rock song
    Lyrical Earth Science, p47-49
    LES Workbook p20-21
    The Geology Book p36-37: Sediments Become Sedimentary Rock
  Metamorphic Rock Learn Metamorphic Rock song
    Lyrical Earth Science, p 51-53
    LES Workbook, p22-23
  Weathering of Rocks Learn Weathering of Rocks song
    Lyrical Earth Science p55-57
    LES Workbook, p24-25
  Hydrology and Erosion Learn Hydrology and Erosion song
    Lyrical Earth Science, p59-61
    The Geology Book p28-41, Geological Processes and Rates
    LES Workbook 26-27
  Waterways and Erosion Learn Waterways and Erosion song
    Lyrical Earth Science, p63-65
    LES Workbook p28-29
  Groundwater Learn Groundwater song
    Lyrical Earth Science p67-69
    LES Workbook p30-31
  Mass Movements Learn Mass Movements song
    Lyrical Earth Science p71-73
    LES Workbook p32-33
  Glaciers Learn Glaciers song
    Lyrical Earth Science p75-77
    LES Workbook p34-35
    The Geology Book p67-78: The Ice Age
  Wind Erosion Learn Wind Erosion song
    Lyrical Earth Science p81-83
    LES Workbook p36-37
  Soil Learn Soil song
    Lyrical Earth Science p85-87
    LES Workbook p38-39
  Topographic Maps Learn Topography Maps song
    Lyrical Earth Science p89-91
    LES Workbook p40-42
  Radioisotope Decay Geology Book p49-53
  Ways to Date the Entire Earth Geology Book p54-57
  Great Geologic Events of the Past Geology Book p58-60: Creation
    Geology Book p61-62: The Fall
    Geology Book p62-66: The Flood

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