Sample Course Description (Elementary Latin)

Introduction to Latin – Elementary


  • Approximately 60% of English words are of Latin origin, so the study of Latin is helpful in English etymology.
  • The study of inflected languages (Latin) helps in understanding the grammar of uninflected languages (English).


  • The student will know basic Latin vocabulary
  • The student will know English derivatives of the Latin words studied
  • The student will know how to approach foreign-language learning

The student will cheerfully participate in lessons, will complete written assignments, and will pass all written tests.

Teaching Notes
Prior to Monday morning, parent will read the lesson in the teacher’s manual.  Student and parent will watch the dvd lesson together on Monday morning, then take the remainder of the week to memorize vocabulary and do the written lesson.

  •         Grade 3 – Prima Latina
  •         Grade 4 – Latina Christiana 1
  •         Grade 5 – Latina Christiana 2a (first half, taking two weeks per lesson)
  •         Grade 6 – Latina Christiana 2b (second half, taking two weeks per lesson)

With this solid base, the child should be well prepared to succeed using Henle beginning in seventh grade, or to do well in a modern foreign language.


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