Supplemental Curriculum

Scouting programs provide the opportunity for kids to earn merit badges.  Many of those merit badges qualify as history, health/PE, Language Arts/Speech, or art.  You can start a Keepers of the Faith club – either just for your family, or invite friends.

We use some of the merit badges from another program.  Many local churches have a Royal Rangers program; this is an excellent outreach to boys.  Lesson plans can be purchased for red and blue merits (3rd-5th grades).   Many of the green and gold (6th-8th grades) merits have lesson plans – but not all. 

  • 3rd-5th grades:  Art, Bird Study, Compass, Fingerprinting, First Aid Skills, Insect Study, Rocketry, Safety, Space Exploration, Weather, Astronomy, Law Enforcement, Music, Pioneer Lore, Presidents, Railroading, Sculpture, Reading, Wildlife
  • 6th-8th grades:  Swimming, Advanced Swimming, Hiking, Cycling, Physical Fitness, Citizenship, Communications, Public Speaking, Emergency Preparedness, CPR, Nature Study, Environmental Science, American History, Computers, Energy, Forestry, Gardening, Indian Lore, Photography, Plant Science,
  • 9th-12th grades:  Check the silver merits list.

Another option is 4H.  There are clubs (and curriculum) for just about anything you might be interested in.  My kids have participated in 4H for alpaca, spinning, knitting, sewing, and vet science.

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