Greenleaf Press has an excellent history series for those who like a literature-based approach.  For my two oldest children we used Old Testament History and Ancient Egypt concurrently in kindergarten.  In first grade we used Ancient Greece followed by Ancient Rome.  Next was Greenleaf’s Middle Ages in second grade and Renaissance and Reformation in the third grade.   Greenleaf does not have a U.S. history guide, but Beautiful Feet and Sonlight both carry elementary-age U.S. history.  Many states require a study of state history, and it fits well after U.S. history.  After that, repeat the entire cycle at a more advanced level.  When our family planned a trip to Hawaii, we added a study of World War II – basic for the younger children, and more extensive for the older kids – and made a point of visiting Pearl Harbor on our vacation.

Greenleaf did not work for my third child.  Another excellent option for elementary history is Susan Wise Bauer’s Story of the World.  For my third child, Story of the World, volume 1Ancient World  began in first grade.  Volume 2, Middle Ages was for second grade, and volume 3, Renaissance to Modern Times for third grade.  Volume 4, Early Modern Times was published in 2006.  An optional activity book can be used with the story book to help students retain information – do not do all of the activities, just choose the ones that work for your family.

On the light side, watch Schoolhouse Rock’s American History cartoons.  Other options are some of the Royal Rangers merits:  Presidents, American History, Citizenship, Railroading, and Pioneer Lore

On the negative side, one of our first purchases (before I learned about praying before purchasing), was The Light and The Glory.  It was so boring that I fell asleep while reading it aloud to my children.

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