Part of the fun in homeschooling is seeing your kids fall in love with a subject that you, yourself, hated when you were a student.  Or discovering that the subject itself is pretty interesting – it’s just the particular teacher or curriculum you used in the past that made it so awful.

My kids love geography.

The most interesting geography is also the easiest.  Post a large map on the wall and locate places that kids encounter in their reading.  You can use a push-pin, or stickers, or whatever other method works for you.  Search the internet to find information about various places.  Read about these places in your encyclopedia, or find library books set in those locations.  Your kids will remember those things that they were most interested in learning about in the first place. 

World Discovery Deluxe is an excellent software program.  This is one of the few computer programs my children are allowed to use at a young age.   The publisher rates it for ages 9 and up, but my toddlers would sit on my lap and use a pencil eraser to point out what should be clicked while I worked the mouse for them.

Draw a picture on an orange, then try to peel the orange and lay the skin out flat while preserving the picture.  That’s the first project suggested in the best secondary geography curriculum I’ve seen.  It is not recommended for younger students because of the fine-motor skills involved.  Junior high and high-school age students can use Mapping The World By Heart.  Kids can start with no map skills, and by the end of the year are able to hand-draw an accurate world map from memory.  Excellent curriculum!

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