Art Appreciation

How to Use Child Size MasterpiecesMy children really like Mommy, It’s A Renior, and I like it too.  This curriculum has been boringly renamed How to Use Child-Size Masterpieces to Teach Art Appreciation.  It’s for ages 3-12, so the little ones don’t feel left out.

This curriculum uses postcards of famous works of art.  Kids don’t have to walk around a stuffy museum and crane their necks to stare at framed paintings hanging too high on the wall.  They get to handle the postcards, examine them, and ask questions about them – all in the comfort of their own home.

The teacher’s book (pictured) gives clear instructions for making folders to display these postcards.  Purchase pocketed folders in a variety of colors from any office supply store and cut them down in size.  It’s not difficult, just a little time-consuming.  Worthwhile, since they will last for years.

You can visit any museum and purchase all the postcards you wish.  An even easier option is to purchase sets of cards from the curriculum’s publisher.

I’ve also used MacIntyre’s Drawing Textbook which I loved until we found Draw Squad. 

Also, there are art and sculpture merits in the Royal Rangers program for third through fifth graders that will give kids a quick introduction to these subjects.  Links provided are to merit requirements.  Lesson plans are available for purchase if you think your family would be interested in pursuing more than one or two of these badges.

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