College and Career Planning

CollegeCareer 008This year my high school junior’s schedule includes a course titled College and Career Planning.  Initially it was supposed to be a one-semester course, but based on the amount of time and effort required, it appears that it will take a full year.

To begin the year, the college-bound student should spend a significant amount of time studying for the Pre-SAT/NMSQT.  After taking this test in mid-October, the student should switch to studying for the SAT/ACT.  Ideally, the student already knows that colleges require test scores as part of the application process.

In addition to studying for college entrance exams, students also work on developing goals for their life after high school.  This involves reading about learning styles, aptitudes, and career interests.  The goal is for the student to discover/reinforce a direction for future studies (or, I suppose, some students might reinforce not wanting to attend college), and know what will be needed to attain their goal.

Resources we are using include:

My high school junior is creating a notebook documenting his work.  We are beginning the process earlier with my younger son. He will begin his notebook this year (8th grade) and create a High School and Beyond Plan similar to what his friends in public school are making (ours is better, and geared to our family rather than the generic average student).

These pages get inserted into a 3-ring binder.  At the back of the binder, I am inserting one binder pocket (with the interest inventory), and two poly-envelopes (one for filing test scores, and one for letters from colleges).

Good luck with your planning!

College and Career Planning (HSBP)




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