A New School Year

A new year is upon us once again.  In our family, we don’t have a set curriculum that every child must work through.  All children are unique individuals with special talents, abilities, and callings of their own; therefore, all children’s curriculum is customized to meet their unique needs.  That’s not to say we don’t have a general idea or have curriculum preferences, but not everyone has used the same things so far, and the same is true this year.

We are down to only two children in the house.  Child #1 just started his senior year of college. Child number two is doing some missions work before heading back to college.  Child number three has graduated and is checked into her dorm ready for classes to begin.  We are left with the youngest two boys at home.


Both boys plan to continue playing sports, and that will take up a huge chunk of time.  It’s also a huge motivator.  If they don’t finish their schoolwork, they don’t get to go to practice.

Both the basketball and the baseball coaches want the high school students lifting weights, so rather than try to fit in an additional extracurricular activity, I’ve included a weight training course in my high schooler’s schedule.  Originally the coach wanted the boys at the school gym four days a week all summer, but we have weights here at the house and I’m not putting that kind of miles on the car to have my son stand around waiting for a turn while the football and basketball players argue over whose turn it is to use the equipment.

My son paid for camp this summer to improve his ball handling skills, and has a routine that he works on every day so that he will continue to improve.  If he spends as much time during the school year as he has this summer, I should probably give him two credits.  For now I’ll just have him document his time, and I’ll wait until the end of the year to decide if it’s one credit or two.

This year I’ve written a day-by-day schedule for the entire year of literature, history, health, and college & career planning. We’re starting two weeks earlier than the public schools.  If we don’t take all the breaks that the public school does, the boys can be done for the year when it’s time to head to our oldest child’s college graduation in May.

May you have a terrific school year!


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