Preparing Transcripts

College application time is upon us, and the whole process can seem daunting.  Relax.  Transcripts are easy to create, and colleges are surprisingly easy to work with.

Most colleges include information on their website detailing what they require from incoming students.  Based on a number of sites, I created a worksheet to help get my kids through their high school years. 

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

This worksheet makes transcript creation simple, but you can certainly omit this step if it doesn’t work for you.  The transcript you create should include the child’s name and date of birth, your address, a list of the courses studied and grades earned, and a graduation date.  Since you’re probably creating the transcript this fall and your child won’t graduate until next spring, the current courses should be listed with the grade left blank.

How you present the coursework is up to you.  Some people list the courses by year, with separate sections for freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior.  Others create separate sections for every subject:  English, math, science, etc.

Following are a few examples. 

You can also check HSLDA’s website for more options.

Please note that after your child graduates, you will need to send a final transcript to the college.



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