Just as I have been trying to figure out what health curriculum to use for my seventh grader, the AARDA came out with a free curriculum for grades three through eight.

I was excited about it — right up until I watched the video.  Oh.My.Word.

There is a ton of information thrown at kids, and while the graphics are great, I think it’s way too much to give them at one time.  Furthermore, I need a full semester’s worth of material, and this looks like it’s only a few weeks.  While I believe everyone should learn that autoimmune diseases exist, this won’t work for what I had in mind.

Therefore, in all my free time (ha!), maybe I’ll go ahead and write my own curriculum.  I’ve already started on a high-school level Basic Health Literacy curriculum, now maybe I’ll strip out some of the information and have an easier edition for junior high.


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