Teaching Swimming – Breaststroke

Breaststroke has changed greatly over the years.  My family jokingly calls it “the whack-a-mole stroke,” and if you’ve ever watched Olympic racing, you understand why:


Basic introduction to the competitive breast stroke:

So as not to re-invent the wheel, for details on how to teach breaststroke, I refer you to an excellent website dedicated to the subject:  Breaststroke Zone.

There is a separate page dedicated to the kick, with tips on common errors and how to fix them.

Since I teach swimmers who are too short to stand in the water and touch bottom, I have them lay on the pool deck for their beginning arm stroke.  It works well lay with face over the water, legs away from the pool, with shoulders just past the edge of the pool deck.  The pull is just to the pool wall (which keeps them from pulling too far).  We then do the arm pull hanging on a noodle, teaching the kick at a separate session.


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