Community service is a high school graduation requirement (at least it is around here).  We’ve also discovered that colleges look at prospective students’ volunteer activities.

Need ideas?  Volunteer at a food bank.  The YMCA needs volunteers.  Talk to your Chamber of Commerce to learn about needs unique to your community.  Hospitals still use volunteers.

Another option is to sew tiny clothes for premature babies.  4-6 pounds is considered preemie size; even smaller, 2-4 pounds is a micro-preemie.  There are free patterns available online – a few links provided below.  Just find fabric and start sewing.  Hospital NICUs accept donations, but some have requirements, so check with them first.  You probably don’t want to put tons of time and effort (and money) into making cute little garments and then discover that they won’t accept flannel.

Before sewing, read one NICU nurse’s article on Preemie NICU Clothing Information.  Then look over the patterns, see what’s the best fit for the hospital’s needs and your sewing skills, and begin stitching.

Patterns for Preemie & Micro-Preemie Clothes

Hats & Booties

Other Patterns


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