Saving Money on Homeschooling Curriculum

Whether your family survives on $20,000 a year, or $400,000 a year, making the most of every dollar is important.  I’ve written about this before.  Today I want to share one more tip for saving money on books you buy for your homeschool.

credit card points

Similar to frequent flyer miles with the airlines industry, many credit cards allow you to accumulate points based on the dollars you charge on your account.  Those points can then be used either for cash back, or for gift cards to a variety of stores.

We discovered that Barnes & Nobel is on the list of places that have gift cards for our credit card reward points.  Charging all purchases on a card that gives us the maximum point benefit, then turning those points into a B&N gift card can help keep our homeschooling costs down.

Last week I visited the bookstore for some of the books my kids will be using this year.  Not wanting to buy everything too far in advance, I just bought the books we’ll need during the first month.  The total was $170, however Barnes & Nobel extends their educator’s discount to homeschoolers, so I got 20% off, thus saving $34.  I also had a gift card from previous credit card purchases, which knocked another $40 off the price.  I saved $74 dollars off that $170 worth of books. 

To make future purchases less expensive, the final amount that I owed was charged on our credit card with the best points reward.  Since I just spent nearly $100, I’ll be able to get another $10 gift card.  In reality, I’ll get a bigger discount, because I will run other purchases through that credit card, too.  If I put my weekly grocery purchases on my credit card (then pay the credit card off so I don’t owe interest), monthly pharmacy purchases, and fuel for the car – all on the card with the best rewards program – I will be able to get a significant credit toward our book purchases.

It keeps adding up.  Next month I’ll order the rest of the books we’ll need through Christmas, charging them to the same credit card.  That will give me more points toward a discount on the next purchase.

Every little bit helps.


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