Chem Lab

As I’ve mentioned before, my oldest is studying chemistry for his science class this year.  When the kids were in elementary school, I wasn’t concerned about comparing their course content with public schools.  Now, however, I’m looking at the fact that in only a few short years my children will be all grown up and leaving home for college.  It’s important that they have a strong foundation so that they qualify for college.

I want my kids to have a better education than if they were in school.  Sometimes that’s expensive.  Last year we purchased a microscope and dissection kit for biology.  This year we purchased both chemistry supply kits that are recommended with our science curriculum.  Chemistry is fun!  Nobody wants to just read a chem textbook; they want to do the experiments.

Chemistry Supplies

Good thermometers, three sizes of test tubes, beakers, graduated cylinders, safety goggles, an alcohol burner (should work just as well as the bunsen burners that I remember from chem), chemicals, filter paper, watch glass…

The scale here is the quality you’d find in any grocery store.  I have one that’s higher quality in my craft room (used for weighing lye when soapmaking).  I’ll let the kids use it for their chemistry experiments.  (For the budget-minded, high quality scales can sometimes be found at pawn shops, and almost always at sherriff’s auctions.)

In one of the chemistry experiments this week, my son explored the distinction between mass and volume.

Chemistry Mass vs Volume

Surprise!  Equal volumes of water and syrup have different masses!

Chem Mass vs Volume

It’s so fun to see my kids learning.


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