Car Schooling

I’ve always given a hard time to my friends who are constantly on the go.  Many invitations have been declined with the excuse, “We’re homeschoolers, not carschoolers.”

Sometimes, however, life intervenes.  Last week I had multiple appointments scheduled in one day.  When I have only one appointment, the older kids can babysit the younger ones while I slip away for a short time.  When I know that I’ll be gone for six hours, that’s a bit much to ask.

It worked much more smoothly than I’d anticipated.  The boys grabbed a stack of their schoolbooks, and I grabbed a couple others that they “forgot.”

We’re using the dvd’s for Latin, and I grabbed that, too.  Sometimes a dvd player in the car comes in handy!  I popped the dvd in, and the boys got to watch the lesson while we were driving.  After we arrived at our first appointment, we sat in the waiting room and I helped the boys with the rest of the lesson.  They were then able to complete the written assignment while I went back to see the doctor.  They also got their math done while I was back there.

It’s not often that I only have two kids with me.  We went out to their favorite restaurant (a buffet), then got to wander around a store that they’d never get to see if the older kids were along.  I helped them with a couple more subjects, and we discussed economics and social studies while driving to my final appointment.  I left them in the waiting room with a couple sudoku books and instructions to give up their seats to adults if anyone showed up while I was gone.  They are very good at sudoku, so I knew they’d be okay.  They could sit and do those puzzles for hours.

Turns out that quite a few adults showed up.  Not enough to fill all the seats, but more than I’ve ever seen there before.  Everyone asked my kids what they were doing and my boys got to explain sudoku to an appreciative audience.  I considered having them take schoolbooks in to that appointment, too, but was afraid that the day had been too long for them.  Having a fun activity made it go very smoothly.


Today I took one of the boys with me to another appointment.  We ended up discussing liver function, kidney function, medication side effects, different lab tests, and a bunch of other things that wouldn’t normally come up if we’d been home doing our regular routine.  I cherish those one-on-one times.

Ideally I’d like to set a schedule and always have the same routine.  We live in the real world.  Part of the beauty of homeschooling is that we get to do what works for our family.  We get to make adjustments when necessary.  I’ve really appreciated that these past couple days.

Tomorrow it’s back to homeschooling.


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