Full Day

After slowly getting into the swing of things this year, yesterday was the younger boys’ first day with all of their books.

PrimaWe started Latin.  It’s nice to have them excited about learning!  I’d planned to take it slowly and spend one week per chapter, however this level is so easy that (at least for now) they’re asking to do one lesson per day.

This particular curriculum is very teachable given the information in the teacher’s manual.  When we started with the older kids I had no idea about Latin pronunciations, so purchased the video series.  It’s fun to pop in a video/cd and have everyone watch/do the lesson all together.  The boys like that mom is learning along with them.  After the lesson presentation, we did the corresponding workbook exercises.  It took less than half an hour.  As we acquire more vocabulary, it will take extra study time, but we’re off to a good start.

Beginning ReportsThe boys also started their first “report” using Easy File Folder Reports.  This first one is All About Me, so the research is minimal and they’re having a good time discussing which of their life events would be most important to include.  They’re excited about all the fun they get to have with this activity.  I’m hoping that the general attitude holds as they get older and do more involved reports and papers.

This book is designed for the classroom.  There are many different subject options, and lots of masters for the teacher to copy and give to kids.  My boys are looking for information to answer specific questions (guided research).  By the end of the week, they’ll be decorating pages and each assembling their their first report.

Once we get all the kinks worked out, I’ll post a typical daily/weekly schedule.



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