Letter to My Daughter

What a wonderful young woman you have grown to be.  It’s amazing to see you starting high school already.

I realized recently that public school students begin selecting their own courses in high school, so it is probably time for me to teach you to select your own classes.  You are a beautiful, intelligent young woman, and certainly capable of choosing your own classes.

Here is a link to basic information that you can use as you consider which subjects to study.  Essentially it says that students are expected to take four years of high school English, 3-4 years of math, 2 or more years of lab science, and 3 or more years of social science.  More information on what that means here.

I know that in the past you have expressed an interest in a few different careers after high school and college.  I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for you.

It is time for me to order our curriculum for the upcoming school year.  Please sketch out a plan for your high school studies.  You won’t be locked into it – sometimes people’s interests change, and that’s okay.  It would still be good to have a general idea of what you want to do.

Here’s a form you can use as you do your planning (click on it to enlarge):

Planning Form

Please don’t feel like I’m turning you loose without any guidance.  I will help you all that I can, but give you as much freedom to choose as is reasonable.  In general, here are my recommendations:

Freshman Year (this year, your 9th grade year)

  • Math:  Algebra 1
  • Science:  Biology
  • English:  Composition
  • Social Science:  World History
  • Social Science:  World Geography
  • Other:  health, foreign language, occupational education of your choice

Sophomore Year (10th grade)

  • English:  Literature
  • Math:  Algebra 2 and Geometry or both
  • Science:  Chemistry and Physics or both
  • Social Science:  Civics
  • Occupational Education:  typing, accounting, auto shop, etc. – your choice of one discipline in which to become proficient

Junior Year (11th grade)
What you study this year is dependent both on what you study during your sophomore year, and on how soon you’d like to begin college.  You could begin taking college classes this year, if you would like, depending on your sophomore year schedule.

  • English:  Literature
  • Math:  Pre-Calculus
  • Science:  Advanced Chemistry or Physics or both
  • Social Science: 
  • Health:  required at some point during high school
  • Recommended:  continue foreign language on our home computer
  • Occupatioal Education

Senior Year (12th grade)
What you study this year is entirely dependent on how much you’ve done the previous years, and what you are most comfortable doing.

Option 1 – continue homeschooling:

Option 2 – begin taking college courses through the Running Start program.  English 101 is required at every college in the country. Foreign language, economics, other courses to fulfill basic distribution requirements, and classes toward your desired major would all be a good idea.  If you’re taking college classes, three courses per quarter would be appropriate — four would be okay after you’ve demonstrated that you can do all the work for three classes.


Come see me so that we can discuss your high school schedule.


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