Driver’s Ed

In some states, homeschooling parents can teach driver’s education to their children.  At this time, unfortunately, Washington state is not one of those states.

If there were some direct instruction taking place, it would be a little easier to swallow.  I’m having a hard time paying over $400 for this class that we’ve just enrolled my oldest child in.  Exactly why is it that I’m not qualified to have him watch movies and read information on a computer?  That’s all that goes on in the class “taught” by a “qualified instructor.”

At least we know he’ll do well.  He started driving a tractor in the pasture at age eight.  He’s been driving hay truck in the fields for the past six years.  He can also pull a trailer, and backs one up better than I do.

It’s nice to have another driver in the family.  I can’t send him on errands until he gets his license, but for now (and for the next eleven years), I have a chauffeur!


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